Anabel Prieto

Spanish Language Consultant & Languages Teacher

As a Spanish language consultant I want to help you with all your linguistic needs in Spanish, should you or your company need to produce reliable, clearly written and linguistically accurate content in Spanish.

I may help you with translating and/or proofreading and correcting texts from English or French to Spanish, and from Spanish or French to English.

As a languages teacher, you can rely on me to provide you with highly tailored, dynamic and efficient private tutoring in Spanish, French or English.

I have experience in teaching Spanish to learners whose interest in the language and Spanish-speaking countries cultures were more of a personal one, but I have also coached students who were preparing for specific purposes, such as exam preparations (DELE, SQA National qualifications, Spanish baccalaureate), job interviews or improving their Spanish for business purposes.

For a more detailed list of services provided, please scroll down.

Let’s chat about your linguistic needs and how I can help you!


Language consultancy

  • Translating from English/French to Spanish
  • Proofreading and correcting content in Spanish
  • Proofreading and correcting content in Catalan

Private tutoring

  • Spanish (all levels)
  • French (A1 – B2 levels)*
  • English as a Foreign Language (A1 – B2 levels)*
  • Catalan teaching (A1 – B2 levels)*

Language coaching

  • Exam preparation (SQA National qualifications, DELE, Spanish Baccalaureate, etc)
  • Job Interviews
  • Spanish for business

*The levels specified for the Private tutoring are according to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)

+44 7932 721 913

Glasgow, Scotland

Head to the Contact page if you want to reach me via other means such as social media.
I am but a call or message away!

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