The legend of Barney Thompson

I went to the movies today. I saw Jurassic World at last. I kind of liked it, I’m not going to deny it, although there were some parts that made me laugh (and they weren’t precisely funny scenes), and some characters, like the older kid whose name I don’t even try to remember, that put me off with his – using one friend’s comment – «Chuck Norris acting style», with the same face for eeeevery emotion. Still it was an enjoyable film.

Now, what I really want to talk about after having gone to the cinema today is this trailer I saw of The legend of Barney Thompson. Directed and starred by Robert Carlyle (one of my favourite actors, ever since Full Monty, which is a long time now) seems a very Scottish movie, which means that both the humour and the people’s accent are going to make me very happy while watching the movie. Some of the trailer reminded me of another strange and kind-of-funny movie called The voices in which Ryan Reynolds played a mental man who hears voices and accidentaly kills someone and so on. I don’t want to get into details, but if you have seen that one, you’ll know what I mean.

On the other hand, I am delighted to see something of Robert Carlyle. It had been a while since I stopped watching Once upon a time. As much as I loved Carlyle’s Rumplestitskin, I really got tired of that serie, and so I missed him.

Anyway, I thought the trailer of The legend of Barney Thompson was quite hilarious, hence I can’t wait to see the actual movie!

See what you think:

PS/PD. Toda la entrada está en inglés, porque así lo está el tráiler (y porque me apetecía). Disculpas si no habéis entendido todo. Resumiré grosso modo lo dicho:
1. Jurassic World, bien.
2. Quiero ver esa nueva peli de Robert Carlyle y Emma Thompson.
3. El acento escocés me flipa.

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