Or why they should stop doing heros blockbusters now: PLEASE.

And just for the record, I would like to state that I am a huge fan of the endless cuteness of Paul Rudd as well as the concept of the hero itself.


Let’s face my opinion about the facts:

– I don’t understand why they have now developed a habit of showing old actors with a digital youngish appearance instead of finding another way of telling the story. I’m talking of Michael Douglas in this film, of course, and of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Genysis, but also of Ian Holm or Ian McKellen in The hobbit.

– I find it highly unbelievable that Paul Rudd, despite his immense cuteness of which I’m a huge fan, is a superhero. Even if it is a tiny wee one, whose allies are equally small ants. All that is just hilarious. But then that was the idea, wasn’t it? Was it?

– I am starting to be fed up with the eternal brainwash regarding the looks of the female characters of a hollywod movie. Are you telling me that a woman cannot be normal for once, just for a change, that she has to be slim and gorgeous? True, Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly or the twin sister of Jurassic World’s female main character) has been given the theoretical quality of intelligence: she is a scientist, and Dr Pym’s daughter… but to be honnest I would have said, if they hadn’t openly told otherwise, that she is just the recepcionist in this story. And also, of course, the girl who falls for the hero of the story… Because if there is a boy and a girl in the main plot there has to be an underline story love between the two of them… Isn’t it?

– Was it really necessary to make the bad guy so mean and crazy? I mean, untill psycho levels? I mean, Dr Darren Cross doesn’t mind to sell a super weapon to the bad guys easily for the right amount of money… It is so typical that a villain wants to watch the world burn (like the Joker), or look at other side smiling thinking themselves secured like the Chinese accountat that Batman delivers specially for Gordon at The dark night…

– Was it estrictly necessary to include the Avengers in the Ant-man movie? I mean, I have NEVER read any of the comic stories of this little hero, and I wouldn’t be surprised that these cross-overs take place, but it’s like an on going threat of a never ending lot of adaptations and crossovers of movies and heros and comics and movies and so on. And it’s BORING.

– I think the trio that accompanies Scott in his after jail life is genuinely funny. Michael Peña’s role is hilarious, I admit it. And also the Loquillo/Elvis’ style man whose name or nationality I couldn’t tell. I give that to the movie.

– The only thing that is even cutest than Paul Rudd is the little girl that plays his daugther. She is absolutely great.

– All in all, I expected worst. So it was an OK movie. 2/5.

PS. I’m not really looking forward to see the new adaptation (yes, another!!) of Fantastic Four. But I suppose I’ll see it at some point and then I’ll let you know what I think…

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