Hot stuff

Yesterday I saw The Martian and I liked it very much, despite the fact that I am not quite sure of the scientific veracity in the things our dear austronaut, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) does – or as he says, «science the shit out of this» – in order to survive while being cast away in a moderately hostile Mars. And I say «moderately hostile», because, I don´t know whether you saw the movie too and thought about this, guys, but I didn´t have the feeling that it was so difficult to survive in there, taking out the tiny fact of the atmospheric conditions or, as it was in the Everest (another great movie, by the way, highly impressive and enjoyable), the main problem of lack of oxygen. Perhaps I am exaggerating… But I mean it.

However, even if this is a movie by Ridley Scott, a famous director for some good movies, casting a Matt Damon showing off his acting skills again (yeah, yeah, the rest of the cast is OK too, famous people too, good actors too… but whose is the face in all the adverts and buses?), we can´t forget the fact that The Martian is a blockbuster. And an American movie. And it is so obvious in some scenes, that it can´t help it.

As a matter of fact, I would say this movie is a bit of Gladiator in the sense of a very good story told for a very wide public: not as dense as one could expect given the nature of the problem depicted, but in the same time not as light as other movies like, I don´t know, the Maze Runner, just to say the first example that came to my mind… so yeah good stuff.

Another thing I liked was the balance between tragedy and comedy – how Mark Watney keeps his sense of humour most of the time, and therefore neither him nor us, espectators, burst into tears with the highly problematic situation in which he finds himself…  Instead, we are given a great way to release the tension by having a laugh. It´s not comedy though. A friend and I were talking today about how humour is possibly the best way to endure pain and get over the hard moments we go through in life (talking about dead people and funerals, yeah, my conversation can be quite deep).

There, the trailer. Again they changed the title of the movie when translating it to Spanish. Why? Who knows, it is one of these misteries of life one can not unveil. The ways of the translators are so obscure…

I´d like to do a special stress on the Soundtrack, which reminded me a bit about Guardians of the galaxy, taking old great stuff, and making it a big part of the movie. To put an example, this Hot Stuff by Donna Summer.

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