Bowie´s music

Magic how music can make you laugh one moment and sobb the next one. I came yesterday from work and I was listening to the radio, as always. Everything was Bowie yesterday, obviously, and they put some great songs I knew and some I didn´t.

Well, the first one I am attaching here, The laughing gnome I didn´t know and it caused a broad smile in my face and a good feeling I couldn´t help. Just as I couldn´t help the sad sensation the second one, Heroes, widely known, gave me. I felt like a little child who has just been snatched a sweet.

There, that´s all I intend to say about the sad death of a man, without stepping in the euphoria of «look at how sad I am that this man has died!» Well, I like his work, but I´ll tell you something: I was not related to him anyhow and everybody must die…

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