Adult life

The two young girls smiled as soon as they saw each other and approached at a fast pace, as if the space between them was some sort of inconvenience and they needed to get rid of it.Two kisses in the cheeks gave them away as Spanish and seeing the face of the other, one asked:
– Have you slept?
– Not much – answered the girl smiling ironically.
– And yesterday?
– Not quite.
– Do you ever sleep?
The sleepless girl smiled again, this time with a commiserating look, and said:
– I haven’t slept much this year.
This commiseration came up, not because she would receive back immediate sympathy from her friend, but because she knew her friend would not understand why she had deprived herself of sleeping time, and so, it was a rather unfortunate topic for a conversation.
-Are you hungry? – she asked quickly – I am starving!
– So am I – and so the problem was averted.

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