Why we read

I have discovered the World of podcasts. About time, I know. I highly recommend them for various reasons. Hopefully, one (or many) of them will call your attention:

  • If you are learning English and want to practice your listening skills, podcasts (specially the BBC ones) are great because the presenters use the Queen´s accent, most of the time, which means that their dicition is quite clear and they speak rather slowly.
  • If you are, as I am, extremely curious but extremely busy, you can listen to them while doing other things, hence taking better benefit of your time!
  • There is the extra adaptability that you would not have when listening to the radio, since you can listen to whichever podcast you fancy whenever it suits you.
  • You used to have to download them from your laptop, and either listening from there or poss it to your portable music player device and you still can, of course, but now there are apps that allow you to access them from your mobile…  I mean, we all are supper attached to our mobile phones, so instead of being in the bus, seeing Facebook and texting friends, you can be in the bus, see FB, text your friends AND listening to one interesting and enriching podcast!

I realise that these may be things that many of you already knew… hey, be patient! Every learner has its own tempo and people with different learning abilities may get as far as any other person… just differently and at a different time!

Having said all that, which is a lot, I ‘ll paste a link of a very interesting podcast I just listened about Why we read. Great stuff, from the point of view of pleasure, to the neuroscientific explanation of certain aspects related to it, to the qualities or feelings we can work and develop with the act of reading. Here, the link to the BBC webpage and download the podcast, should you wish to listen to it.



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