An absurd picture

The bridge was an interesting intersection she had passed countless times before. She liked that bridge very much, as it was an intersection whose paths came from very diverse places: the university avenue with its buildings and its students union, the museums, a high school, a little playing park for children on one side, a skating park on the other, and once you passed the bridge to the other side of the river, more paths departed leading to the main of the gardens of the park and beyond, to busy streets with busy stores and restaurants.

Through a crossway of this massive and beautiful park, idle students could walk on their way to a class or to a party; just as teenagers could pass walking to or from their high school or going with their bikes and skate boards to the skating park to meet the rest of their gangs to try and fly. Also, families could go for a walk or to the playing park with the only purpose of entertaining and hopefully tiring the young ones for hours, just like couples could stroll with no specific destination, just enjoying each other’s company with the added sweetness of a studied and worked nature.

She liked that park. It was enormous and full of life and peace at the same time. And she loved that particular crossway, with its bridge and the constant movement of people above it and water under it. It was a fantastic spot to stop, to think, to read or just to look how the transient world transited.

In spite of her love for that spot, that dreich evening, she was passing with no particular desire to stay. On the contrary, she wanted to get home as soon as possible and write something that had been rounding her mind all afternoon. The quickest way to get home was passing that bridge and after turning to the right, keeping straight on until trespassing one of the main entrances.

Nevertheless, as soon as she passed through that crossway, the idea that had been shaping in her mind all day vanished immediately. At least fifteen people were at that bridge or about to cross it when she did it. These fifteen people, with their own interests and pursues, were momentarily united in that intersection at that time. Fifteen people at least: two families, with their children, three or more youngsters, with different means of transport, one solitary middle aged man, and a couple walking side by side. All of them, despite their differences, were standing there, motionless, totally oblivious of their surroundings, looking with a high level of concentration to their own mobile devices. ‘Oh, it is so hilarious!’ she thought, ‘so absurd!’

She looked at them all with half a smile and she decided that she needed to capture that moment, given the absurdity of such a varied group of people pausing their actual lives for the sake of a virtual one,  let alone how wonderful and lively was the spot they were all standing at.

She thought of writing something about it, but first she took out her mobile phone and took a picture of it, in a cheap way to freeze that image. As soon as she pressed the button she realised that, inadvertently, she had just succumbed to the mass dynamic making even more ridiculous the picture she had taken. Without helping it, she started laughing at herself, thinking that she should unmistakably have been added into the frames of such an absurd picture!



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