Hooked in a feeling

Alba didn´t like them all. She wasn’t sure of why she had agreed to come to that trip in the first place, but then, she was used to do many things she didn’t necessarily like or was comfortable with. It was the way life had made her.

She liked some of them though. She liked approximately four and a half of them – four and a half out of twelve was not bad altogether. She wasn’t quite sure about Sara yet. There was something about her… Anyway, María was really promising. Alba hadn’t had the chance of speaking to her properly, because… well, they all were always together and everybody was very mindful of what to say or not. It was quite obvious that trust was not one of the main feelings around. A bit of a shame, but never mind: life was like that.

The place was quite nice. The ruins of the cathedral were really picturesque, and the fact that that famous king was buried there, was a plus. She loved history, so she had read a couple of entries in Wikipedia about that period and a specific chapter from a History book she had borrowed from school about the man and the battles he had fought.

Suddenly a group of children passed near them. They were doing an excursion or something like that. Alba stood by, letting them all pass. She was not particularly fond of children, so she wanted to keep some distance. As a result she came to be a bit behind from her own group. However María was not far from her, so she took advantage and approached her. Alba tried to start some sort of conversation, but again, María was shy or reserved in extreme and Alba wasn’t sure of how to get her out of her shelf. Anyway, just keep close, that may be enough, she thought.

The little room… what was it? A chamber? An oratory? A larder? It could have been anything! But despite of how imprecise its nature was, it was a nice little room. To the other side of the fenced doors there was a little garden going down the steep side of the hill and it looked lovely, with the autumnal colours and all. She liked it so much that she stayed there for a bit longer, ignoring the fact that she would probably lose complete sight of her group.

After some time there on her own, just looking out through the fence to the garden, she started to feel a bit more relaxed. So relaxed that she felt like listening to some music. She took out her mobile and looked up some song. She had been listening to that particular song the previous days, because it was part of a soundtrack of a movie she had enjoyed very much despite her initial reserves. Plus, that song also reminded her of her childhood and her dad, so all in all it was a great song. She closed her eyes and let herself go.

Uka, shaka, uka, uka, uka, shaka, uka, uka…

Without even realising she started to sing the moment the song started, as well as dancing around the empty ruined room. And suddenly, another voice joined her:

I can’t stop this feeling
Deep inside of me
Girl, you just don’t realize
What you do to me

Alba opened her eyes and found that to some distance, María had joined her in her mad dance in the dark of that little room. Alba couldn´t help but smiling. After that, she felt immensely glad that she had come after all. She turned the volume up and without exchanging any words, the two of them continued singing and dancing, totally oblivious of everything, specially themlseves.

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