Before the Flood

Climate change is a reality, and it affects not only us, but all the planet’s living forms. It is extremely selfish to tink otherwise or just ignore it.

This film made by Leonardo Dicaprio, as UN Climate Ambassador, and in collaboration with National Geographic, gives a very general but instructive approach to the climate change problem – or how we have ruined our panet -. It shows lots and varied perspectives of different personalities and experts, as well as showing different effects and situations around the planet as a result of the climate change – which is, by the way, a result of our industry system, which is sustained not only by the big companies and lobbies, but also by us, consumers, who keep buying what they sell, regardless of how it is produced. Hence, the film makes you realise how ignorant we are, but also – and most of all – how oblivious and reckless, while responsible for it all.

I must say some parts of the film are quite disturbing and it made me think how, despite the belief of me being somehow respectful with the environment, there’s loads more I can do.

It is, indeed, up to all of us. As the film says in repeated occasions…

Consume differently:
– What you buy
– What you eat
– The way you get your power

Keep watching until the very end. It is all worth it. And I think they are right by suggesting that we

Vote for leader who will figt climate change by
– ending fossil fuel subsidies
– investing in renewables
– leaving fossil fuels in the ground
– supporting a price on carbon


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