Surreal thread

The wind beneath my wings was uplifting, if not more.

See? The problem with flying is that at some point the wind will be too strong or you’ll be so tired you will no longer be in control.

Ah, but that is no reason not to try. If you are too tired or the wind is too strong, you are clever enough to know better than to go wild that time.

See? That is where you and I differ. You have faith in your own skills. Well, not faith, more likely you overestimate yourself. Whereas me, well, I know humans are not meant to fly.


But what?

Nothing, flying and dying are not worth it!

So you say.


He nodded quietly and she just looked away, not wanting her face to betray her feelings. She was disappointed.

You know what? I don’t care anymore. About this human condition, about this thread of possibilities that guide our lives and about the insecurities around living. I think it is all unreal, or unrealistic, or surreal. Anyway, what is live but the way to death?

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