Snow again

Is it very bad if I say aloud that I want it to snow again?

When I say snow again, I mean snow a lot, like immensely, like the roads are going to be totally white with a twenty centimetres deep layer of snow and so the transport will have to stop and the people will be stuck in their houses. And I will be able to sit beside the window and look the life in stand by.

I genuinely want it to snow again so much that services will be interrupted and normal life will have to freeze temporarily, and it will be so cold outside that nobody will really feel the desire of going outside. And the best part of it is that nobody won’t actually need to go outside. Never mind work, never mind the shops. Life will be frozen and nobody will know for how long it will be so.

I am looking at the sky now wishing it was not blue. I am looking at it, trying to summon some grey clouds from the North and praying for a whiter and cooler day. My beliefs don’t matter as much as my desire of snow again. My craving. Almost like a pregnant woman that needs that particular food or activity or will feel like murdering somebody. She will never murder anybody, but because either herself or the suffering partner will have managed to satisfy that craving.

How I wish now I had a partner that cared so much for me , my sanity  and his or her own, to try and make it snow… But hey ho, life laughs at me, because as I am writing these lines and sharing my most inner desires to the world, the sun comes out again out there.

Damn it.

2 respuestas a “Snow again”

    • Es una pena que hayamos olvidado lo que es la calma y la tranquilidad, que tengamos los días tan ocupados porque tenemos como un horror vacui en nuestra vida que nos da pena responder que nada a la pregunta tan preguntada de: qué hiciste ayer o entonces?. Sin duda una pausa es necesaria.

      Me gusta

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