Dates and people

Shannon knew that she liked to be alone, but she sometimes felt alone, or even, if I may say so, horny, and sometimes Shannon thought she better try to do something about it.

She didn’t really have many friends, or any if truth be told, and it had been a long time she’d had a boyfriend, so she didn’t really had the option of calling some ex out of spitefulness and have sex with him, thus messing with his mind. She didn’t really like the idea, so she didn’t gave it a second thought.

Then that thing she’d heard about now and then came to her mind, that thing she didn’t really paid attention to, but might be useful just now… She decided to go on the net and investigate about Timber or Tinder or whatever.

After roughly understanding how it worked she decided to create a profile. She didn’t know very well why, but she decided to be brutally honest. So she wrote her name, Shannon, and her age, thirty three, and her occupation, killing rats in a laboratory. Then she started to fill the hobbies and interests fields and decided half way through she was bored. So she deleted the profile before she got to make it public and turned around in the sofa to watch TV instead.

After a couple of movies and far too much popcorn, she decided to do something physical, and so she went to the gym. It was a bit cold outside to just go for a walk, so the gym seemed the good place to do something active while warm.

While she was trying to ignore everything around her, with her headphones on and running on the mill, she was approached by that guy that looked in his thirties too, a bit balding but good looking in general.

He started to chat her up. Shannon could not understand why and how that guy had decided that chatting her up in the gym was a go. But anyway, it was happening, and she felt obliged to take her headphones off and listen to whatever he told.

Nothing interesting. Not even his name stayed in her mind, so she just turned away, not worrying about finishing the conversation.

On the way back home, she decided to go to the shops first, as she was running out of fresh food. She got some vegetables and milk and went straight to the cashier. There the man started to ask her how her day was going, and she didn’t know if she was just following the stupid procedures of trying to be nice to the client or if he was also trying to chat her up. But annoyed as she was also by the overcommunication from the cashiers at supermarkets, she just turned her music up, paid and left without saying a word.

When she was going up the close, she remembered that she needed to take the bin to the back of the building so went out again and started to pull her bin through. While doing so, a neighbour tried to be kind and kept the door open for her. She said a quite thanks and went on, ignoring his attempt of conversation.

Finally in her flat, she took her headphones off and turned the radio on. She liked filling the flat with those voices that spoke all the time and allowed her to tune off if so easily.

After putting away the shopping and make herself a cup of tea, she decided to sit down again on the sofa and get herself a good book.

It was only later that night, when she had almost finished the book and started to get ready to go to bed that she remembered her failed attempt to try and meet somebody through Tinder. She just shrugged and went to brush her teeth.

Dates are overrated and so are people, she said to herself while spitting out the toothpaste.

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