Keep writing

A train off-peak hours. The writer sits on a seat beside the window, her belongings sitting beside her. She feels comfortable, warm and safe. It may be the train noises, the engine, the wheels on the tracks and the people passing, sitting around, minding their own business, going somewhere. Where? Anywhere: back home, after a long day of work or study; off to visit friends or family; to hang around somewhere exciting – the town centre or to get another train that will take them far away.
The train off-peak gives so many possibilities that the writer just buzzes thinking about some of them, and writes and writes without pause. Suddenly she lifts her head from the notebook to check what stop they are at. Not long now until her own, she reckons. Then she looks down quickly, thinking that she still has time to finish that paragraph, that chapter, the story.
When she looks up again, she has missed her stop. But if so, she think, there’s no rush. Keep writing, write for as long as you need.

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