Two little anecdotes

1) I was sitting in a café in Edinburgh, trying to read and ignore the conversation that a couple of guys in their early twenties were having in the adjacent table. Such conversation went along the terms of: «Yeah, she kissed me and that kiss came out of nowhere» or «what I do is try to keep it cool. So I stay cool but also I know what I want, you know…?».

Conversation of such a high standard did not really helped me form any opinion about the pair, as I understood how young they were and therefore the seriousness of the matter to them… Until one of them said:»…I could meet her earlier if she didn’t go to fucking Glasgow… » And then, THEN, I totally thought: «Yeh twats!»

2) I got a new and very needed pair of boots. I have been delaying the purchase, because I am the kind of person that wants to make sure things are well used before disposing of them. But because I am older and all that, I have got myself a really nice pair of boots, rather smart, leathery and waterproof at the same time, but above all comfortable.

Before leaving the café to move on to my next stop I thought it would be nice to put them on, so I did a little detour to the toilet with such idea in mind.

As I finally set a foot in the street wearing my new shoes I decided to listen to Paolo Nutini’s song by the same title and there I went, walking along Princes St, unable to hold a massive smile and thinking: «You’re right, Paolo, I put my new shoes on and everything is right».

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