Postcards from the edge

Carrie Fisher wrote books. I kind of knew that. Apart from being an actress (known mainly for playing Princess Leia in Star Wars, yes) and very funny (you may see some of her speeches in YouTube), she wrote…

It’s only been lately that I acquired the first book she published and read it – Postcards from the edge. I have enjoyed it thoroughly, with its ingenious composition, its funny dialogues, characters and situations; a bit different and very insughtful some times.

Perhaps if I were more in the mood to write myself I would go into detail explaining and pinpointing more good stuff in the book.

I’m not. I will just recommend it and ask you to read the postcard I upload in this post, like some kind of trailer for the book.

But remember this: Carrie Fisher was a very intelligent and funny woman (and pretty, yes) AND wrote books… Olé!

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