Thunder and lightning

They woke me up!

The thunder and lightning woke me up!

So I got out of bed

and ran to the window to try and see them,

cause I had always loved watching a good storm.

But alas, my window faced to the wrong side of it

and I only saw the rain and the clearing of the sky now and then.

Very disappointed I went back to bed,

but I kept my stare

Directed at the window,

playing the game

that I used to play

when I was a little girl:

every time a thunder came,

I would count the seconds until the lighting followed to try and discern

how far the centre of the storm was.

Before I got to guess, though,

I fell asleep again.

The next time I woke up

I was in the middle of the storm.

There was no ceiling in my house

so I could see without

having to look out

that the storm was directly above me.

What a sight, what a thrill!

I closed my mouth

Which I had unconsciously opened in awe

Trying to avoid to choke

But getting soaked by the second,

my body lying there on bed,

Completely exposed to the rain,

Buckets of water pouring down

From the open sky,

The gods’ drain,

And I couldn’t help to think:

Oh, what a place to be!

Thunder and lighting stroke then


And I was there, underneath,

I was there to see!

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