Manifesto for book readers

  1. We will read as many books as we can, but not so many we no longer know what we are reading or who wrote it.
  2. We will take our time reading each of the books, so we can savour all the imagery and ideas contained.
  3. We will readily share our opinion and even recommend a title when asked, avoiding at all times to condescend.
  4. We will be humble and ready to accept recommendations and opinions, even when we didn’t ask for or share them.
  5. We will not care about the integrity of the books any more than necessary.
  6. We won’t judge people who write on the books or fold the corners of the pages.
  7. We will not post on social media quotes of books we’ve read so that people see how much we read. It’s conceited and of bad taste.
  8. We will not share on social media photos of book covers or book pages we are currently reading so that people continue to see how cultivated we are and how much we read.
  9. We will not sneer at people for reading books which we personally think are shit.

  10. We will read and read,
    when there’s hardly time,
    in the morning and at night,
    On our way to places
    In private and public spaces,
    on the sofa and in bed,
    When alone and with friends
    when we think we’ve read it all
    and there’s no surprise anymore,
    especially then!
    When we think the world
    has gone crazy and we no longer
    understand what is going on,
    especially then
    we will read and read.

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