Fight the grey with the colour

When days shorten

and sadness lengthens,

I tend to look inwards for comfort,

I tend to cook and bake more.

I look for a good cuddle,

and look to cuddle a book under a blanket

as often as possible,

while drinking unhealthy quantities

of milked caffeine.

I like watching the rain fall

and see it washing it all,

the good and the bad.

I love the sound of the drops splashing

in my windows glasses.

I love to indulge in the moment,

and the momentary sorrow the grey causes,

I love to indulge in it so much

that it will get me to a childish cry,

after which I will get up

ready to fight the grey with the colour,

ready to let the spring blossom


way before the springtime arrives.

I know the darkness makes it harder

to even want to get up,

I know that after will come the winter,

which will be truly hard,

but in the meantime I love the autumn,

I love it with my whole heart.

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