Elegy to 2020

We are gathered here today to bid farewell to our all acquaintance 2020.

I know most of you will be thrilled to see him go, calling him names in your mind (at the very least “an awful year”).

When he first came along, we were all hoping for happiness and good will and lots of dreams to come true – like travelling or the start of exciting projects –.

Unfortunately he came imposing his will upon our plans…

He was supposed to bring good things and instead gave us a pandemic, stress, headaches, death…

But one cannot deny his playful character, for he could well have a laugh, showing his twisted sense of humor. He had that unique… let’s call it ”ability”.

Indeed, what a mischievous one 2020 was, he kept us well apart from each other, yet at the same time – in his convoluted way –brought us together and made us aware of other peoples’ problems boosting our empathetic self.

He may have taken our jobs, but he also gave us a lot of time to think about our lives, to become introspective and take up hobbies we never had the time to think of before.

How many of yous can now bake or cook because of lockdown?

How many of yous have returned to nature as a balm and taken up long walks?

How many of yous would have thought they’d be writing poetry and doing so much DIY?

Yes, 2020 was an arsehole, but he gave us both good and bad!

So let’s all raise our cup and drink him away with a smile hoping that 2021 will be the better man!

Still… let’s be cautious in our hopes keeping in mind that years are just a man’s convention to mesure up time and things don’t change overnight…

So let’s tentatively see what tomorrow will bring.

In the meantime have a drink and toast with me:

2020… GOODBYE!

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