The Scribblers Union

Most of the time life gets on the bloody way. Part of being / becoming an adult is accepting this fact, but the beautiful thing of life is not giving up because of such a sad truth.

I have been so busy that I didn’t have the time or the dispotition to come here and write and share with you some of the other stuff I am doing. But then, to be honest, not all the stuff I am doing is worth talking about. And that is part of life as well.

However, I want to share with you the outcome of this beautiful project I have been involved in for almost a year. It is called The Scribblers Union. It’s a group of people who love poetry and who assembled at the call of what I call The Big Poet, Kevin P. Gilday. This Glasgow-based poet sent a call in social media soon after the first lockdown started. He was going to give his time for free and teach poetry enthusiast about writing and performing. I can very shy, but luckily I wasn’t that day and I contacted him.

Almost a year later, this group of wonderful and talented people came together to perform some of our pieces and launch an anthology called The Scribblers Union Vol.1. This poetry book was the idea of Natalie Jayne Clark, one of us scribblers, a beautiful human being who, alongside with The Big Poet, put the book together beautifully.

Today. I am sharing with you the links to both the Launch Party I was in (there were two nights, as Kevin has been teaching two groups of us) AND the link where you can get your own copy of The Scribblers Union Vol.1 should you wish to do so.

Whichever of those 2 things you decide to do, I am telling you: you won’t regret it!

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