Yesterday vs Tomorrow

A while ago I attended an online poetry workshop led by Imogen Stirling. She’s one of the most lovely poets you’ll find, and she is, of course, very talented and awesome. She was the resident artist for the Paisley Book Festival, which happened last month (or maybe earlier than that, I am never sure of what day we are and when things happen anymore).

One of the prompts she posed to us in that workshop was to write a Yesterday vs Tomorrow text/poem, where we needed to think about a positive future.

Well, I took on this to be set on my walking spot, the cycle path that goes by the river Clyde, where I have been going for walks on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis since the first lockdown started. I was going over my notes just now and I found this is what I wrote. See what you think!


Yesterday vs tomorrow

Yesterday I went to the river on my own

Tomorrow I will go to meet the people I love.

Yesterday I went to the river to unload some of my sadness in it

Tomorrow I’ll go there to contemplate some happiness within.

Yesterday I felt anxious about keeping my distance with the passers by

Tomorrow I’ll be able to hug everyone and we will do so, just because we can.

Yesterday I went to river because I was not allowed to travel any farther but

Tomorrow I will go by choice and rejoice about that fact.

Yesterday I went to the river whilst starting to hate the same sight every day

Tomorrow I’ll go to the river to show my gratitude to it for keeping me sane.

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