As the name of the site suggests, my name is Anabel (Prieto) and I am culturally disperse, nice to meet you.

I was born in Valencia (Spain) and, after going around for a wee bit and leaving pieces of my heart in different places, now I am in France. We will see what happens.

I studied Spanish Philology (a 5-year Degree in Spanish language and literature), a Master’s Degree in Teaching and I am currently studying BA (Honours) Degree in English and French.

I have been working many years as a languages teacher, specially of ELE (Spanish as a foreign language), but I have also worked with pupils with learning differences and other needs. Moreover, I have developed content for educational platforms and I have offered my professional services as a language consultant and translator.

In addition, I write. A while back I published a novel called Andares, and I have published short stories and poems in online magazines and physical anhologies. I am also part of a group of poets or spoken word artists led by Glasgow-based poet Kevin P. Gilday, called The Scribbler’s Union.

I started this blog when I was a Philology student, doing my Erasmus year in England. I wanted a space where I could share things and writings that I came across with and which made me think or called my attention. These days, however, this blog is more of a personal site where I sometimes publish my own stories and poems.

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