Diario de una escritora en pijama – 20

Ayer no escribí porque estaba lloviendo y me dieron ganas de tirarme en el sofá y cubrirme con una manta y perder el tiempo en las redes sociales. Llevo mal esto de ceñirme al plan de escribir. Lo gracioso es que sí que escribo sobre por qué no escribo. Paradójico hasta el paroxismo. ¡Qué bonito … Sigue leyendo Diario de una escritora en pijama – 20

Postcards from the edge

Carrie Fisher wrote books. I kind of knew that. Apart from being an actress (known mainly for playing Princess Leia in Star Wars, yes) and very funny (you may see some of her speeches in YouTube), she wrote... It's only been lately that I acquired the first book she published and read it - Postcards … Sigue leyendo Postcards from the edge

Avengers : Endgame

Es difícil hablar de Avengers: Endgame, tratando de entrar mínimamente en detalles, sobre cómo está o no está, mas sin hacer spoilers. Empezaré cautelosamente diciendo que sus 180 minutos (repito, 180 minutos) no me dieron la sensación de ser 3 horas. Por un lado, destaca, según mi punto de vista, la sobriedad con que la … Sigue leyendo Avengers : Endgame


Last weekend I saw this movie called Tumbledown. I wasn’t looking for anything deep or meaningful. Mostly I needed to watch something easy without needing to read the subtitles – as it has been the case with all the Chinese movies I have been watching lately. For once, Netflix didn’t disappoint me with its suggestions, … Sigue leyendo Tumbledown


Some months ago someone recommended me this serie. The main characters are played by Kelsey Grammer (widely known as Frasier) and Connie Nielsen (you may remember her as Lucilla, Commodus' sister in Gladiator) and the serie goes around everyting that makes a good story: death, human fragilities and weakness, power, ambition, love, desire... and some times - … Sigue leyendo Boss