In a waiting room

This feeling I get Every time I send A couple of lines over to you And you leave me hanging Dry Without the least acknowledgement or reply Is like being left standing Constantly in a waiting room Of a dentist clinic, Where I am certain I’ll receive pain But it is exacerbated By the unnecessarilySigue leyendo «In a waiting room»

Why I have not written so much

So this little article is a way of explaining why I have not written so much (or rather anything) lately. I have been busy living. I used to say: life gets on the way. But now I think of it: on the way of what? Of living? No! I was just busy living! I shouldSigue leyendo «Why I have not written so much»

Yesterday vs Tomorrow

A while ago I attended an online poetry workshop led by Imogen Stirling. She’s one of the most lovely poets you’ll find, and she is, of course, very talented and awesome. She was the resident artist for the Paisley Book Festival, which happened last month (or maybe earlier than that, I am never sure ofSigue leyendo «Yesterday vs Tomorrow»

Maybe tomorrow

This is the start of a poem I have been working on. I don’t want to share it all just now, because all in all is quite depressing and I don’t want to spread the curse around. ———— 🙂 This is how I want to feel inside. 🙂 This is how I should feel inside.Sigue leyendo «Maybe tomorrow»