The Scribblers Union

Most of the time life gets on the bloody way. Part of being / becoming an adult is accepting this fact, but the beautiful thing of life is not giving up because of such a sad truth. I have been so busy that I didn't have the time or the dispotition to come here and … Sigue leyendo The Scribblers Union

What happens when the cat goes to sleep but the man can’t

Sometimes life is good, and sometimes life makes no sense. And that is the way it is. I can say so from my very relaxed and privileged situation, and I feel just as relaxed as anyone that know that they will not burn in hell or in the witches hunt fire, which may be worse, … Sigue leyendo What happens when the cat goes to sleep but the man can’t

Once in a lifetime

(Also could be titled An Idle Scribble) This is a once in a lifetime thing Even tough it may seem to be dragging on For a whole life time. But if you feel you’re getting close To your limit to bear up the constant sight Of the same four walls Which keep you enclosed, Bear … Sigue leyendo Once in a lifetime

Elegy to 2020

We are gathered here today to bid farewell to our all acquaintance 2020. I know most of you will be thrilled to see him go, calling him names in your mind (at the very least “an awful year”). When he first came along, we were all hoping for happiness and good will and lots of … Sigue leyendo Elegy to 2020

Something to look forward to

It is cold outside, It is cold and dark, and it is nice To have someone To go to, to relax. It is nice to look forward To snuggle in his arms,  To enjoy the warmth  of his body, and to start  entertaining the idea  of a lifetime  Of winter evening cuddles,  The pleasant idle … Sigue leyendo Something to look forward to