19 días y 500 noches después

De vez en cuando escucho la radio española, por reavivar la conexión con casa supongo, y porque cada vez que lo hago hasta que me lío y me olvido de seguir haciéndolo, resulta que escucho cosas interesantes y que me placen. Ayer, en La ventana de Cadena Ser, con Carles Francino, hablaban de sostenibilidad o … Sigue leyendo 19 días y 500 noches después

Kansas City Shuffle/ Je danse le Mia

So today I suddenly saw the similarity between these two songs! J. Ralph - Kansas City Shuffle (OST of Lucky Number Slevin, with Josh Harnett and Bruce Willis - gee, that movie is from 2006!!). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mouZAVKbRCo Aaand Je danse le Mia by the classic from Marseille, IAM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ceNf9qJjgc Judge by yourselves, or simply enjoy the … Sigue leyendo Kansas City Shuffle/ Je danse le Mia


Over a year ago I walked the West Highland Way with my hopes high and my feet unprepared. Unlike my feet, my spirits managed alright. At this point and looking back, I want to confess without regret that, on occasions, this was the result of the music I listened to along the way. I know … Sigue leyendo Graceland


Last weekend I saw this movie called Tumbledown. I wasn’t looking for anything deep or meaningful. Mostly I needed to watch something easy without needing to read the subtitles – as it has been the case with all the Chinese movies I have been watching lately. For once, Netflix didn’t disappoint me with its suggestions, … Sigue leyendo Tumbledown

En chantant

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nYmPAHAJcHs This song and the lyrics are originally from Michel Sardou, a French classic singer and songwriter, I believe . This version is by Louane, a contemporary French pop singer who has lots of nice song very easy to listen to. I first heard this En chantant in La famille Bélier, a seemingly easy to … Sigue leyendo En chantant