Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep10

This episode talks about endings, about wanting the confinement to end - it potentially doing it some time soon, about endings in literature or fiction, and about the end of this series of podcast. I also talk about sharing creative content and/or oversharing on the internet. You can also listen to it here: Clips … Sigue leyendo Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep10

Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 9

In today's podcast I talk about time! Yes, such a big concept... So I have lots to say: about how we try to constrain it, about how it worries me and I also think about some time idioms that call my attenton. Ah! and about wasting time - it may be a good thing to … Sigue leyendo Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 9

Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 8

In this episode I talk about culture consumption and creativity in the lockdown, as well as the importance of community for creative purposes. I also wonder about counterproductivity of having so much time in the confinement. Like and share!! And thanks for listening! 🙂 References: - Irvine Welsh's opening event at WoWFest in lockdown - … Sigue leyendo Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 8

Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 7

Can you guess what I talk about if I say In vino veritas? Yes! drink, booze, spirit, juice and THE TRUTH! Don't worry. I don't try to change or mock yor belief system!! I also talk about stereotypes about Scottish people and Spanish people, about types of drunk people and some other stuff that I … Sigue leyendo Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 7

Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 6

Today I talk about pushing boundaries. I don't know if we all are pushing boundaries with this confinement thing or if the Coronavirus crisis has passed and I didn't know! Also about pushing boundaries on a personal level and what that can mean... My first thought was that humans are like Pokemon! Like and share!! … Sigue leyendo Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 6