Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun and every time it does it makes me smile wide no matter how unsettled the troubled waters of my mind are, the bright and pure light of the mighty shining sun tames those wild tides and makes it all go better. Today it has been a sunny day. Nothing has changed, … Sigue leyendo Here comes the sun

Feliz día internacional de la mujer

A todas las mujeres, empezando por mí misma. Porque hay que celebrarnos, hay que celebrar todo lo que hacemos, todo lo que somos. Ayer vi un post que una de mis mejores amigas compartió en una de las redes sociales, haciendo - supongo - una declaración de intenciones. Tengo 30 añosNo me he casadoNo he … Sigue leyendo Feliz día internacional de la mujer

Maybe tomorrow

This is the start of a poem I have been working on. I don’t want to share it all just now, because all in all is quite depressing and I don’t want to spread the curse around. ———— 🙂 This is how I want to feel inside. 🙂 This is how I should feel inside. … Sigue leyendo Maybe tomorrow

Wanna be

Forewarning: this entry contains a lot of pish. Philosophically and rhetorically speaking. This is the equivalent of a diary entry. Today I am not talking to you, my lovely readers, I am talking to myself. It just so happened that instead of grabbing a pencil and paper (which is no longer amongst the most common … Sigue leyendo Wanna be

Love is a drug

Following my own schedule, which usually doesn't concord with the rest of the world's, I have decided to share this love poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Alright, I confess, I shared it on Instagram the right day, but you don't need to follow me in all platforms, do you? In fact, I … Sigue leyendo Love is a drug