Reiniciar el sistema

Hoy me he levantado con la necesidad de reiniciar el sistema. En vez de ponerme la BBC Radio 4 o la France Info o la Rai 1 para escuchar las noticias en cualquiera de los idiomas que me gusta practicar, me he puesto una emisora de Spotify de pop-rock español a toda pastilla.   En … Sigue leyendo Reiniciar el sistema

Why we read

I have discovered the World of podcasts. About time, I know. I highly recommend them for various reasons. Hopefully, one (or many) of them will call your attention: If you are learning English and want to practice your listening skills, podcasts (specially the BBC ones) are great because the presenters use the Queen´s accent, most … Sigue leyendo Why we read

Life on Mars

Sometimes I get to snatch some time and see some TV or series, because I think it is good for my sanity. Well, last thing I have seen is Life on Mars (2006), by the BBC, starring John Simm and Philip Glennister. I know it´s not the more exciting TV drama you'll come across with, … Sigue leyendo Life on Mars