Kansas City Shuffle/ Je danse le Mia

So today I suddenly saw the similarity between these two songs! J. Ralph - Kansas City Shuffle (OST of Lucky Number Slevin, with Josh Harnett and Bruce Willis - gee, that movie is from 2006!!). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mouZAVKbRCo Aaand Je danse le Mia by the classic from Marseille, IAM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ceNf9qJjgc Judge by yourselves, or simply enjoy the … Sigue leyendo Kansas City Shuffle/ Je danse le Mia


Last weekend I saw this movie called Tumbledown. I wasn’t looking for anything deep or meaningful. Mostly I needed to watch something easy without needing to read the subtitles – as it has been the case with all the Chinese movies I have been watching lately. For once, Netflix didn’t disappoint me with its suggestions, … Sigue leyendo Tumbledown

En chantant

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nYmPAHAJcHs This song and the lyrics are originally from Michel Sardou, a French classic singer and songwriter, I believe . This version is by Louane, a contemporary French pop singer who has lots of nice song very easy to listen to. I first heard this En chantant in La famille Bélier, a seemingly easy to … Sigue leyendo En chantant

Hooked in a feeling

Alba didn´t like them all. She wasn’t sure of why she had agreed to come to that trip in the first place, but then, she was used to do many things she didn’t necessarily like or was comfortable with. It was the way life had made her. She liked some of them though. She liked … Sigue leyendo Hooked in a feeling

House of Cards

Goosebumps - La piel de gallina. Así se me pone cuando escucho la banda sonora de esta serie, empezando por el tema principal. No voy a entrar en detalles sobre la serie porque no, porque tengo poco que decir al respecto más allá de que me parece extraordinaria y estoy muy enganchada. Escuchad esta maravilla de intro. … Sigue leyendo House of Cards