Bowie´s music

Magic how music can make you laugh one moment and sobb the next one. I came yesterday from work and I was listening to the radio, as always. Everything was Bowie yesterday, obviously, and they put some great songs I knew and some I didn´t. Well, the first one I am attaching here, The laughing … Sigue leyendo Bowie´s music

The Jean Genie

The way I work: I come across with something and if this something calls my attention, I grab it and experience it and then when it´s finished, I look for everthing that is related to it and I finish it all up until the bottle is totally drained. That, I would say, is the only … Sigue leyendo The Jean Genie

Life on Mars

Sometimes I get to snatch some time and see some TV or series, because I think it is good for my sanity. Well, last thing I have seen is Life on Mars (2006), by the BBC, starring John Simm and Philip Glennister. I know it´s not the more exciting TV drama you'll come across with, … Sigue leyendo Life on Mars

La vida secreta de Walter Mitty

Me sentí tan Walter Mitty que da miedo pensarlo. La película no me llegó a cuajar del todo a ratos, era demasiado obvia o de fácil desarrollo, como queráis llamarlo. No estoy yo para tecnicismos. Pero eso no quita que pasara un rato estupendo, disfrutando de la previsible evolución de Walter Mitty, de la eterna … Sigue leyendo La vida secreta de Walter Mitty