In a waiting room

This feeling I get Every time I send A couple of lines over to you And you leave me hanging Dry Without the least acknowledgement or reply Is like being left standing Constantly in a waiting room Of a dentist clinic, Where I am certain I’ll receive pain But it is exacerbated By the unnecessarilySigue leyendo «In a waiting room»

Diario de una escritora en pijama – 30

Y así acabo el sábado, escuchando a Jorge Drexler porque alguien ha decidido compartir un momento de su vida en Instagram y he escuchado un fragmento de la canción y me ha apetecido escucharla a todo volumen, mientras intento hacer balance de mi día y convocar la sensación de que ha sido un buen día.Sigue leyendo «Diario de una escritora en pijama – 30»

Fight the grey with the colour

When days shorten and sadness lengthens, I tend to look inwards for comfort, I tend to cook and bake more. I look for a good cuddle, and look to cuddle a book under a blanket as often as possible, while drinking unhealthy quantities of milked caffeine. I like watching the rain fall and see itSigue leyendo «Fight the grey with the colour»