Why I have not written so much

So this little article is a way of explaining why I have not written so much (or rather anything) lately. I have been busy living. I used to say: life gets on the way. But now I think of it: on the way of what? Of living? No! I was just busy living! I should … Sigue leyendo Why I have not written so much

Once in a lifetime

(Also could be titled An Idle Scribble) This is a once in a lifetime thing Even tough it may seem to be dragging on For a whole life time. But if you feel you’re getting close To your limit to bear up the constant sight Of the same four walls Which keep you enclosed, Bear … Sigue leyendo Once in a lifetime

Yon Wild Mossy Mountains

The stars are there are telling me that I don´t look them enough, but every time I do so, I fall captive of their endless beauty and mystery. The moon I talk with a bit more often, but I am afraid I treat her a bit like a wife that I take for granted, waiting … Sigue leyendo Yon Wild Mossy Mountains