Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 5

Today I talk about moving about, by foot, by car of by public transport. By doing that I will also talk about important issues, such as the misterious ability of children of not caring about who they play with, the way buses can be a joyful source of entertainment and about the strangeness of things! … Sigue leyendo Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 5

Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 4

This week Anabel is a bit nostalgic and explains why. I guess I could have used this opportunity to get deep again, but I didn't… Instead I talk about types of people in the morning and about wasting time, in particular in the morning, and in your life in general!! Next week more and even … Sigue leyendo Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 4

Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 3

This week I discover video calls, and the joys of staying home for that long a period of time. Not all is bad. I will also share with you some of the stuff I have watched or read. But nothing crazy, eh? More next week!

Anabeeeel’s pocast -ep 2

Well, I did it again! I tried to keep a light tone, but then I maybe went serious and ended up talking about literature, art and life... oops! I hope you enjoy another wee bit thing to pass the confinement! Have a good... what day is it again?