Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 6

Today I talk about pushing boundaries. I don't know if we all are pushing boundaries with this confinement thing or if the Coronavirus crisis has passed and I didn't know! Also about pushing boundaries on a personal level and what that can mean... My first thought was that humans are like Pokemon! Like and share!! … Sigue leyendo Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 6

Anabeeeel’s podcast – ep 3

This week I discover video calls, and the joys of staying home for that long a period of time. Not all is bad. I will also share with you some of the stuff I have watched or read. But nothing crazy, eh? More next week!

Spanish Lesson

Ando leyendo, cuando habeo rato, que es mucho decir, algunos poemas de irlandeses y británicos que vinieron a España para luchar contra el fascismo en las brigadas internacionales. La verdad es que leer sobre ese tiempo me está haciendo pensar algunas cosas, pero sobre todo me está dando pena. Pena porque hay cosas que es … Sigue leyendo Spanish Lesson