Contempt of others

From the very same book (The Leopard, by Giuseppe di Lampedusa), but this time a serious part. This is a magnificent reflexion the Father Pirrone makes when he is asked about how the Prince of Salina sees the unification of Italy. Father Pirrone is paying a visit to his home village, so his interlocutors, his family … Sigue leyendo Contempt of others

The Leopard

I am reading a book called The Leopard, (Il gattopardo) by Giuseppe di Lampedusa, and reading this fragment I could not stop laughing, so I have decided to put it here, in case any of you share my sense of humour. .... Next morning Tancredi and Cavriaghi led him around the garden, showed him the picture gallery and tapestry … Sigue leyendo The Leopard